The arrangement has continued for three years now. We have avoided the obvious ways to screw things up: Elena still cleans the house thoroughly, and I am not overly familiar with her. She still blows me every week – I usually wear a bathrobe on cleaning day, to make things easier for both of us. It is always oral sex, and she never removes her skirt. I write a check for the cleaning and hand her cash before she sucks me.

I have raised her wages for both services several times — she’s earned it.

Over the last 6 years we had discussed regularly what had turned us on. For her it was the interracial aspect and for me it was another man using my wife’s body. We discussed exploring the fantasy further but never had the courage. That was until Brad entered our lives. He was the landlord son and flirted outrageously with Sue.

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I almost pinched myself, but if this was a dream I didn’t [Redirect Only] want to wake up.

I reached between my legs and grabbed his cock, stroking it a few times before rubbing it on my pussy, getting it wet with my juices. His hands were kneading my ass, and his eyes closely fixated on my pussy as I began to slowly lower myself onto him. With just his head inside me, we both sharply inhaled; him from pleasure, me from his size. His cock is much bigger than my dildo, and I could feel it already stretching me to my limits.

This was going to be amazing, but uncomfortable. I decided to get it over with in one go, and after putting my arms around him and pressing my body to his, I lowered myself onto him, taking his entire length in one go with a loud, pained moan.

Peter was under control for most of the time Roxy was getting fucked. He only got close to the edge when he saw her raise her sexy ass in response to a simple ass slap and then again as he saw Carls’ cum draining from her sloppy pussy.

I didn’t stay for the encores, I didn’t go to the cast party, and I didn’t want to go to school ever again. Unfortunately, my parents were angry at me for going on-stage without underpants in the first place, so they felt that going to school would be a worthy punishment for my act of indiscretion.

I had been with enough guys and seen enough pornographic movies to know what would happen next when I felt his muscles tense and his cock start to buck and convulse.

He started panting and let out an audible Ah!! His throbbing hard cock squirted, filling my mouth with his cum. I held the load of sperm in my mouth and felt another even longer surge of cum shoot inside my mouth. I came off of his dick with my mouth only momentarily. Just long enough to swallow the mouth full of cum that I had before gulping his convulsing boner back into my nmkit.com lips. Just in time to get two more bursts of cum against the roof of my mouth.

I parted my lips a little to let his sperm flow down his cock shaft, then I deep throated it sucking the cum back up into my mouth and swallowing every bit of it.

You look well fucked. He happily exclaimed. Come here and tell me about your evening.

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