You could save yourself several hundred pounds by snapping up Primark’s «bow heels» that bear a striking resemblance to those from Italian designer Oscar Tiye.Instagram @oscartiye / Primark

Minnie Mouse heels are having a moment. Italian designer Oscar Tiye brought out varying designs of the Minnie Sandal in his Spring/Summer 2017 collection, that are on sale at a price point of about £430.

Now, high street chain Primark is selling a pair strikingly similar, for just £14 ($22) — available in two colours (black and wow token gold Price) just in time for party season.

The budget-friendly shop known for its impressive «copies» of designer pieces and statement sell-out items — and it looks like the store has done it again.

Here are Oscar Tiye’s pair of black silk satin Minnie Sandals, which are on sale at various retailers for a price point of about £430…

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